Need Support Paying Your Energy Bill? These Programs Can Help.

Need Support Paying Your Energy Bill? These Programs Can Help.

Energy bill relief programs can help you reduce your monthly bill or get help with late payments. Learn about program eligibility, offerings, and how to apply.

With the onset of cooler winter weather, many people experience increases in their energy bills.  Cold weather and darker skies can cause your home energy usage to climb. Balancing energy bills with other necessary expenses can be stressful.

If you’re having trouble keeping up with your energy bill, we’re here to provide support. Whether you need long-term monthly discounts or immediate financial relief, these programs can help you regain control over these expenses.

Reduce Your Monthly Bill

One of the first steps to managing your energy bill is exploring programs that offer discounts on your monthly energy bills.

California Alternate Rates for Energy (CARE)

CARE provides income-qualified residents with long-term monthly discounts on electricity and gas bills.

  • Who is it for? Individuals or households that meet income eligibility requirements or participate in certain public assistance programs.
  • What does it offer? Monthly 35% electric bill discount and 20% gas bill discount.
  • Check eligibility and apply.


Family Electric Rate Assistance (FERA)

If you don’t meet the CARE income or program requirements, you may be eligible for FERA. FERA has higher income limits and offers a discount on electric rates for households of 3 or more people.

  • Who is it for? Income-qualified households of three or more people.
  • What does it offer? An 18% monthly electric bill discount (gas bills are not included in this program).
  • Check eligibility and apply.


Medical Baseline Allowance

Medical baseline allowance helps ensure reliable and affordable energy costs and ongoing communications for those who depend on power for certain medical or independent living needs.

  • Who is it for? Households with one resident who requires use of a qualifying medical device or has a qualifying medical condition.
  • What does it offer? A lower rate on your energy bill and extra notifications in advance of a Public Safety Power Shutoff.
  • Check eligibility and apply.


Get Help with Late Payments

The following programs help you catch up on your bill, whether you need one-time support to avoid a utility disconnection during a crisis, or need ongoing support with monthly payments.

Relief for Energy Assistance Through Community Help (REACH)

The REACH Program offers a one-time energy bill credit when a sudden hardship occurs and households need additional support. A nonprofit organization runs the REACH Program from 170 offices in Northern and Central California.


Arrearage Management Plan (AMP)

The AMP debt-forgiveness program helps customers who have fallen behind on monthly bills.

  • Who is it for? Customers enrolled in CARE or FERA Programs who are 90 days past due on at least $500 of their energy bill.
  • What does it offer? Help reducing unpaid energy bill balances up to $8,000.
  • Check eligibility and apply.


Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP)

LIHEAP is a federally funded assistance program that offers assistance with energy costs. The program offers funding to reduce heating or cooling bills, prevent energy shutoffs, and upgrade or repair your home for energy savings.

  • Who is it for? Income-qualified customers who need support getting caught up on late payments or lowering their energy bill.
  • What does it offer? Up to $3,000 per year toward late payments and free energy efficiency upgrades.
  • Learn about the LIHEAP application process in your county.

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