Spare the Air by Switching to an EV

Spare the Air by Switching to an EV

Sadly, traffic-related air pollution causes an estimated 2,500 deaths and 5,200 new asthma cases every year in the Bay Area. Cars, light-duty trucks, and other vehicles are the largest source of air pollution, making up 75% of emissions. Emissions from fossil fuel-based transportation worsen climate change and contribute to air pollution that causes numerous adverse health effects, particularly for communities by busy roads. Poor air quality can lead to cardiovascular and respiratory illnesses and can also increase the likelihood of heart attacks, strokes, diabetes, and dementia.

Public transportation, biking, and walking are alternative modes of transportation that can help combat emissions. When it comes to private transportation, EVs are a powerful tool to reduce emissions. Widespread EV adoption has the potential to dramatically reduce air pollution and improve the health of our communities and our environment. EVs are more energy efficient than gas-powered cars, meaning they require less energy to perform the same functions. Because of their efficiency, EVs are a cleaner option than gas-powered vehicles in every region of the United States, regardless of how much renewable energy is on the grid. In MCE’s service area, EV drivers can offset virtually all emissions when they charge with Deep Green 100% renewable energy.

MCE is dedicated to increasing EV adoption and the availability of charging stations in our communities. We offer EV rebates, EV charging programs and incentives, and accessible and affordable renewable energy service options.

Electric Vehicle Rebates

MCE offers income-qualified residents a $3,500 rebate for purchasing or leasing a new EV. You can receive free assistance to take advantage of all available rebates and incentives. Combining federal, state, and local incentives can significantly reduce the cost of purchasing a new or used EV. Depending on your eligibility, you could receive up to $13,750 in EV rebates, or even more if you trade in a 2005 or older gas-powered vehicle.

EV Charging Station Rebates for Workplaces & Multifamily Properties

MCE’s EV charging rebate program covers both large and small charging projects (2−20+ ports). The program allows market rate and low-income multifamily properties and workplaces to save up to $3,000 per port. If the property opts up to Deep Green 100% renewable energy, they can get an additional $500 per charging port. MCE provides technical assistance in the application and installation process.

MCE’s EV Charging Rates

MCE’s residential EV rate is a cost-effective way to charge your EV at home with lower rates for charging after 9 p.m. or before 4 p.m. This rate supports the power grid by encouraging charging and energy use during times when renewable energy generation is plentiful and demand is lower.

Businesses in MCE’s service area with separately metered EV charging stations are eligible for BEV1 and BEV2 charging rates. Both rate plans combine a customizable monthly subscription charge with a Time-of-Use rate for significant savings.

MCE Sync

The MCE Sync app provides eligible EV drivers with a hassle-free way to charge with low-cost, low-carbon electricity. The app automates home EV charging by using solar forecasting feeds to help customers take advantage of the least expensive and cleanest energy available. Switching to an EV and charging during off-peak hours with the MCE Sync app can save drivers over $1,000 per year compared to gasoline. EV drivers are awarded a one-time $30 bonus for enrolling and using the MCE Sync app to charge at least once. Drivers can earn up to $10 per month in additional cash back by charging during “low-carbon events” when the cleanest energy is available. Low-carbon events are designed to shift EV charging toward daytime hours when renewable energy is abundant on the grid. MCE Sync users receive a push notification on their smartphones to authorize charging during a low-carbon window.

Renewable Energy

When you charge your EV at home, MCE’s standard Light Green service is guaranteed to be at least 60% renewable. As an MCE customer, you can also opt up to Deep Green service, so that your EV (and all your home’s electricity) is powered with 100% renewable energy.

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