How MCE Is Planning for the Future

How MCE Is Planning for the Future

MCE is excited to share the 2021 update of our Operational Integrated Resource Plan, which documents our agency’s goals for the next 10 years. MCE’s Plan is updated annually and approved by our Board of Directors’ Technical Committee.

As California’s first Community Choice Aggregation program, MCE is proud to set the standard for energy innovation by meeting state renewable energy and climate goals ahead of schedule, supporting a green collar economy, and offering programs that benefit underserved communities. Here are a few highlights from MCE’s 2021 Plan, showing our impacts over the last 10 years and our vision for the next decade.

Renewable Energy

MCE’s mission is to reduce energy-related greenhouse gas emissions. Our standard service, Light Green, has offered a minimum of 60% renewable energy since 2017, meeting state renewable energy goals 13 years ahead of schedule. By 2022, Light Green service will be approximately 95% greenhouse gas free, and it will grow to 85% renewable by 2029. In addition to our standard service, MCE also offers two 100% renewable energy services: Deep Green and Local Sol.

Energy Efficiency

Since 2013, MCE has received funding for our energy efficiency programs from the California Public Utilities Commission; we currently offer programs to multifamily, single family, commercial, agricultural, and industrial customers. Since these programs began, we have invested over $11.7 million in our energy efficiency programs, offering $2.4 million directly to customers in the form of rebates. MCE’s energy efficiency programs focus on helping customers reduce energy and water consumption, lower bills, and increase the safety and comfort of their homes and businesses.

Electric Vehicles

MCE’s electric vehicle charging rebate program, MCEv, has supported the installation of more than 550 Level 2 charging ports, with 450+ ports still planned or under construction. Over 50% of these new stations are enrolled in MCE’s Deep Green 100% renewable service. Since the inception of the program, MCE has increased public Level 2 charging capacity by 40% across our service area. For workplaces and multifamily properties, MCEv offers free technical assistance and up to $3,500 in rebates to install new charging ports. MCE also offers rebates on electric vehicles for income-qualified customers.

Local Economic Reinvestment

MCE has helped build 35 megawatts of new renewable energy in our service area through programs like our Feed-in Tariff which offers family-sustaining jobs through prevailing wage and local hire requirements. MCE has also worked closely with community partners and workforce development agencies such as RichmondBUILD, Marin City Community Development Corporation, Rising Sun Energy Center, Future Build, and North Bay Workforce Alliance. Together, we are building a clean energy economy.

Commitment to Equity

Since our founding in 2010, MCE has been committed to environmental justice. We continue to work with member communities to advance equity through tailored programs and services such as the following:

During MCE’s first 10 years of service, we have been grateful to be able to partner with our communities to offer programs and services that benefit our customers. We have reinvested over $180 million in our service area, including $81 million in renewable energy projects and $68 million in customer rate savings.

Over the next 10 years, we are committed to deepening our community impacts, continuing to offer reliable and affordable clean energy products, and expanding our programs to better serve our customers. View our complete Plan to learn more about MCE’s commitment to our communities and see what we expect for the coming years.

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