Celebrate World Health Day with a Healthy Home

Celebrate World Health Day with a Healthy Home

April 7th marks World Health Day. Since 1948, World Health Day has been a chance to reflect on, and bring awareness to, health issues that affect people around the globe. In honor of World Health Day this year, here are some things you can do to reduce environmental hazards and improve the health and safety of your home.

Change Your Furnace Air Filter

Your furnace air filter reduces the amount of dust, pollen, and air pollution and ensures that you have clean and healthy air in your home. As a bonus, regularly replacing your air filter can lower your energy consumption by up to 15%.

Use Green Cleaning Products

Eco-friendly cleaning products are not only simply better for the environment, but they’re also better for you. Certain cleaning products contain volatile organic compounds that can have long-term health effects. If you’re not sure what cleaning products are safe, check out the EPA’s recommendations for healthy cleaning products.

Buy Safe Personal Products

Unsafe chemicals can be found in cosmetics and personal care products. Protect yourself by searching ingredients, brands, or products on product safety databases. Making the right choice on SPF, fragrance, or skin care can keep you healthy and feeling great.

Reduce Asthma Triggers

Mold and dust mites in your home are common asthma triggers. To prevent mold, ensure that you have proper ventilation and fix leaky plumbing as soon as possible. To reduce dust mites, wash your bed sheets and blankets once a week and vacuum regularly.

Switch to an Electric Stove

Gas stoves produce indoor air pollution that can be harmful to your health. The gases that build up inside your home include carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide, and formaldehyde. Switching to an electric or induction stovetop means you can stop worrying about your indoor air quality and focus instead on getting that next recipe just right.


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